It’s currently 90 degrees, a temperature we’ve seen every day for the last few days, and the forecast shows the temperature will only go up this coming week.  Gross.  Neither Sydney nor I is a hot-weather kind of person, so we’re getting sticky, crabby, and sloth-inclined.  We’ve been doing some pretty heavy work in the garden yesterday and today, and our house is currently 88 degrees, so the college library is the only place left where we can hope to find it relatively cool.  But today we’re home and expecting company for dinner, so we finally turned on the air conditioner (we have a small one in the wall).  But it’s still in the high eighties.

And, oh yes, we have a major ant problem.  Not only did the ants make their way through our kitchen, but they seem to have made their home in our hollow front door (two feet away from our kitchen and pantry).  It’s war on ants and heat today!


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