It continues to be a scorcher in these parts, with today’s high at 94 degrees.  To take a break from oozing into the couch cushions, Sydney and I went to campus, where the coolest spot I found happened to be at the gym . . . where I proceeded to get good and sweaty before I descended into the basement and realized the women’s showers were the same temperature as outside.  That’s the coldest shower I’ve taken in a good long while . . .

While we were on campus Sydney and I got to observe others making do in the heat.  Some looked like this weather was not for them, but there were plenty of young college girls skipping by with their hair down and not a glint of sweat on them.  We even saw some of the tight-shirt, tight-jean crowd.  Wearing Saran Wrap on a day like this?  Did you not check the weather?  Oh yes, and there appeared to be a sorority banquet going on this evening in a hall that doesn’t have air conditioning.  In our more charitable moments we pitied the girls as they waltzed in, wearing their best silk and satin.  Don’t ask about our less-charitable moments.


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