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Competing loves

In Katherine’s new teething stage she’s taken a liking not only to spoons, but to books.  She’s lunged after Sydney library hardcovers more than once, and he’s starting to get worried about this new fascination–particularly when combined with her developing … Continue reading

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At least we finally have a reason

Katherine has kept us from sleep for the past week.  As in, waking up crying every two hours or less.  We have gotten pretty sunken-eyed and I started wondering whether she was deliberately trying to hijack my job applications (all … Continue reading

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Let the fun begin!

Today was the first day of teaching Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury to my freshmen.  It’s the most challenging book I’ve ever read (I think, though Joyce’s Ulysses comes close), so you might have some pity for my freshmen.  … Continue reading

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Why applying for jobs is nerve-wracking

The following things have happened to me in the past week: – The professor in charge of reading over my application materials strongly suggested I publish something.  Yes, I’ll remedy that in the next week! – After having two professors, … Continue reading

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establishing parentage

Here’s how we established whose girl Katherine is: Yes, that’s a big chunk of beet that she’s chewing on. She really liked it. I’m really proud of her. Sydney

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Things I’m learning

If one waited to takes pictures of one’s child until the child had 1) gotten over the cold 2) stopped scratching herself 3) refrained from drooling all over the shirt–and until Ithaca gave us some good light to work with–one … Continue reading

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Bookworm in Blue

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Catching our breath

Although it seems like we’re at the height of busy times around here we took things a bit easier this weekend, carving out some down time.  We’ve been in triage mode for almost two months now, racing from one deadline … Continue reading

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Good morning

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Class outing

This morning I took my students to the university museum, which is hosting an exhibit of works by the Bloomsbury Group, the group of friends, painters, and writers of which Virginia Woolf was a member.  The goal was to get … Continue reading

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