Our New Farm

We bought a farm!  Let the jokes begin.

After a lovely two-week visit to my parents, the kids and I returned to Kentucky, where Sydney and I signed the papers on a 17-acre farm near Harrodsburg.  It is 25 minutes from our house, ten minutes past Shaker Village (one of our favorite hiking spots), and 1.5 miles from the local ice cream shop.  Priorities.

After years of Kentucky clay, Sydney now owns a farm with silty soil, which soaked up the 6 inches of rain that came down the other day and flooded much of the area (!).  It was a good test of the new place, which held up well.

The farm comes with a tiny concrete-block farm-hand house with a nice tool shed, four barns, and lots of fencing.  It is funny to think that what used to be home to cattle is now owned by vegetarians.  It’s surrounded by huge wheat, corn, and soybean fields.  As much as we’d have liked to farm closer to Wilmore, it’s really nice to be in an area where every square inch isn’t being prepped for new housing developments.

Sydney has been hard at work, trying to break ground and transfer his farm operation from the one we’ve rented to our new place.  This is going to be a busy year, but we know that by the end of it things should be much less chaotic–and we should be thoroughly at home on the new place.

Despite having plenty of new things to take care of, Sydney’s carved out play time at the farm, with late-night campfires (Nutella, graham crackers, and marshmallows), new kites (there’s a good breeze there), and a relaxing Sunday afternoon under the large black-walnut tree. 

He is planning to transform roughly three acres of the farm into beds for cover crop and vegetables, and we’re hoping to plant trees throughout much of the rest of it.  For now, one of our favorite activities is to perch atop a four-board fence and look around, marveling at the space and the view.  I hope it’s a long time before we tire of that.


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    How exciting!!!

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