Oh, IRS, how I love thee

I was trying to be really on-the-ball this year and had my taxes done before March, since I didn’t want to be doing taxes when Sydney got home from England. Cornell, however, had other plans for me, and sent me some paperwork quite late in the game that meant I had to redo the paperwork and figure in the new info before sending the forms in. Now, two-and-a-half months after submitting my taxes and after no word from the IRS, I call and find out that not only did they not send me a refund check, but they have no record of my having ever submitted a 1040 form for this year. I have a return receipt from the post office that shows that someone at the IRS signed for it, so I know it got to their office, but they apparently can’t find it. So I’ll be filling out my taxes for the third time this year. And oh yes, this is the one month of the year when Cornell doesn’t intend to pay us anything. Lovely all around . . .


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