Strange effects

In preparation for my mom’s visit next week, I realized I had absolutely no idea what I would feed her.  Like many friends our age, Sydney and I have come to the realization that what is considered normal food in our house is worlds apart from anything you’d find in our parents’.  We also seem to heap on the spices in quantities unheard of in normal Midwestern fare  (no, we have not yet mastered subtlety in the kitchen).  So, with that in mind, I asked my mom what kinds of spices I should leave out, what sorts of things I should have on hand, etc.  What did I get in response?  “You know, I’d love to go out for some Thai food.”  She then went on to let me know that she would be up for trying anything I might be interested in making or eating at home.  My mom rocks!  I don’t have an adventurous bone in my body, so Sydney’s been having to coax me into eating the strange and good-for-you Ithaca fare, step by painful step.  My mom has me beat by miles.  Between Mom and the visit from my younger brother that I’m expecting late in February, I may start to feel positively stodgy!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Stay tuned, folks, on postings after the visit!

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