A musical cat?

This past week I’ve had a house (and most of a small mountain) to myself so, in order to keep spirits up and take advantage of the situation, I’ve done a lot of singing at home.  Arwyn’s reaction has been interesting.  Whenever I’ve played instruments or sung around animals before, they’ve run away, yelping.  I know, I know, not good for the self-esteem.  But Arwyn runs straight at me, jumps up on the desk or counter to get near me, and purrs away while trying to rub her head against me.  Is she a musical cat?  If she’d only done this while I was singing I might think she had really bad taste or feared for my life, but she’s also done this when I played clarinet.  Having a cat climbing into your lap while you’re trying to play is certainly interesting, if somewhat unhelpful.


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