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I’m picking up after some serious moping the last several days.  Thankfully, Sydney and I have rediscovered AIM, and there are some interesting things on the horizon to keep me busy:

1) I’ll be leaving on Friday for Boston to visit my college roommates for the weekend.  Since I usually stay close to home while the school terms are in session–even closer if Sydney is away–I feel somewhat like a teenager who sneaks out of the house late at night.  No, that teenager was never me.  But I’ll try to remember that I’m an adult and capable of driving myself wherever I choose.  And then, of course, all responsible adult thoughts will leave my head upon seeing my roommates and I’ll spend a weekend talking in a much higher voice than is my norm.  Yes, girliness will ensue.

2) The following week will be a busy one, as I’ll be coming off a weekend away, preparing to have my mom visit on Thursday, and, oh yes, finding an extra eight hours in my week during which I will have individual conference sessions with my students.  Time is looking a bit tight . . .

3) My housemate, Christi, is coming home tonight after several weeks away.  I will be delighted to have her home, not least because her cats no longer find my affection sufficient and because our house seems awfully big and silent without her company.  It’s also inspiring to have a housemate who sends delicious smells wafting through the door . . .


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