We made it to Nova Scotia!

We left on Saturday from Kentucky and we arrived in Nova Scotia this morning.  In-between, we had some epic car rides, in which the kids were actually pretty good, two days in Ithaca, and an overnight ferry with a cute cabin and pull-down bunk beds.  The kids loved the ferry, and they’re glad they get to ride on it on the way back home.  The two days in Ithaca also convinced them that it’s now “home” for them, too.  We took them to Taughannock Falls, and they kept saying, “Ooh,there’s a big waterfall!” but we said, “Just a bit more.  We’re not there yet,” and they were very impressed by the tall cascade at the trail’s end.  We, of course, were glad to share our former home with the kids (especially now that they can hike for a reasonable distance!), and for the chance to catch up with several groups of friends.  I email regularly with most of them, but it’s nice to see them in-person, and they were eager to see the kids all grown up.  Now we’re with family, and Katherine is wearing herself out on the trampoline that Nelson and Sydney put up, and Nathaniel is finding various heavy objects (wheelbarrow, lawnmower, Tonka truck) to push around the farm.  We’re expecting some good sleep from both kids tonight.


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