Ithaca and Taughannock Falls

On our way up to Nova Scotia, we stopped in Ithaca for a few days.  Katherine is quite proud of the fact that she was born there, and both kids know it was our first home as a couple.  After so much talking it up before we left home, it’s no surprise that the kids loved the area.  Thanks to Christi, we got to sleep in our old apartment, which is now home to two cats.  We took the kids to meet lots of friends who all knew Katherine as a baby and were keen to meet Nathaniel, we walked across the suspension bridge over the northern gorge on Cornell’s campus, and, after much deliberation, we took them on a hike at Taughannock Falls.  There are several other hikes that are near and dear to our hearts, but those are all more than the two or three miles that our kids can do on a normal day, and they would have protested all of the elevation changes!



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