Now THAT’s how it’s done

I just got an email from Heidi (frequently commenter here and my best friend since, oh, fifth grade).  She and her husband are moving to Chicago from DC, so she’s applied, through her current job, for a job doing similar work in Chicago.  One week later, and she was just offered the job.  One job applied for and one job won.  I am dazzled by her batting average.  Well done, Heidi!!!


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2 Responses to Now THAT’s how it’s done

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Congrats from me also, Heidi! I admit to envy that your parents will have you so close. I am so excited for you and Mark!

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks! Our families are both pretty excited about having us closer, and we are excited about seeing them more often, as well. We weren’t expecting things to fall into place so quickly — that’s just a really nice bonus!

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