Ahh, well

I had very good intentions: while Sydney and Katherine were gone I was going to make an extra effort to take and upload pictures of Nathaniel, in part to help the grandmothers (neither of whom has seen him in person in awhile), and in part to remind Katherine that she is not, in her normal life, the sole child among a house full of adults!  Unfortunately, I’m running into problems with the allotted memory for our blog, so pictures will have to wait until Sydney can look into it.  In good news, however, Sydney was able to get a new computer with the help of his college, so I inherited his old one, which was still newer than mine.  Although I’m not thrilled about being forced to convert to Linux (I hate spending time learning new computer systems), I love having a computer that won’t threaten to crash when I open my work files.

I have also scored on a few other fronts.  This is the time of year when families from North America head home (to start school in August or September, rather than October, which is when things start here), and we get lots of email on the Newcomers list about items to be given away or sold.  If all goes well, I’ll be buying a child-size bed for Katherine (no rails!) and picking up roughly 50 pounds of flour from a woman who is moving before she can use it all.  It’s clearly a great time to be in town!

Nathaniel has just moved up a size in shoes–four pairs since he started walking!!  He is now less than a size behind his sister . . .



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