At least with childbirth

the child will insist on coming out–and I do mean INSIST. Painful, oh yes, but there remains the sight of an end, no matter how many hours it is ’til then. Papers, on the other hand, can sit and look at you for days and dangle in front of you the remote possibility that you simply will not ever finish. Now that’s cruel.

Writing (finally), but the paper will fight me every step of the way.


Moms, feel free to write in and string me up for my misuse of metaphor, particularly if you forewent the use of an epidural.  You will help my paper keep from looming so large . . . at least for a moment or two!

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  1. Kris says:

    You know, I don’t think they really compare. The agony is quite different actually, though I do agree that a looming paper is much more endless. (then again, pregnancy is endless…hmmm…maybe the comparison suits a little)

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