Apparently this is how to get help

I still feel very green when it comes to running a house.  I’m constantly discovering new things that need cleaning, and then wonder how often other people remember to clean them.  I mean, really, unless you have nothing better to do, you’re going to forget a few things that could, I’m sure, use some scrubbing.  I think I only just figured out all of the pieces of the stove that come apart and can be scrubbed.  And thankfully, when I put it back to together, it still worked!

Yesterday I remembered the windows in our house.  So I prepared to clean them but, ack! there were bugs in the sills.  So Sydney said he would clean out the bugs.  But apparently I looked so awkward tugging at the windows as I began to clean that he couldn’t stop himself before asking me to hand over the window cleaner and a paper towel.  Teamwork is nice, no matter how it happens 🙂


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  1. Heidi says:

    If you line the bottom of the burners with aluminum foil, it keeps them cleaner.

    I finally remembered to clean the outside of my windows a few weeks ago as well, so you’re not the only person to forget. I tried vacuuming out the bugs with a handheld dustbuster. They were too yucky for me to touch… all black and gross and dried up!

    Also, I just remembered that occasionally, we should check our little furnace room to make sure we don’t need to add salt to our water softener (or whatever that thingy is called) and change the filter on the furnace!

  2. Mother of the bride says:

    Sydney – you are a good man.

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