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Help, Please

A colleague of mine asked me to teach his students about picture books this week.  The course is on adolescent literature, and they’ve barely touched books for young children, so I’m in charge of that part.  My sole credential for … Continue reading

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Kentucky in Snow

In some ways, I could really like this weather.  It’s really winter, finally, in Kentucky.  There’s a foot of snow on the ground, I’ve been able to stay home from school for three days, and my familiar little town looks … Continue reading

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Kentucky seems to be disturbingly warm throughout the winter until I leave to see if I can find some proper winter weather elsewhere. Still, despite the record storm in KY yesterday, I saw way more snow in Nova Scotia. Here’s … Continue reading

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My son

Nathaniel woke up this morning while I was in the middle of reading a student’s paper draft.  Asking Nathaniel to stop talking (even if only for two minutes) is like asking Niagara Falls to take a break.  If he doesn’t … Continue reading

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