Early this afternoon Erin and I went outside to see if we could find a few warblers. I’ve spent a few mornings birding at some sites around Ithaca that typically attract a lot of warblers during spring migration, but with less success than might be wished for. Anyway, I was hearing some warblers through the windows and thought that maybe I could add a species or two without leaving home. Besides, going outside is more fun than working on papers.

And we did find several species of warblers, including one that had eluded me so far: Blue-winged Warblers. But much more exciting than that were the Scarlet Tanagers that we saw. Despite their stunning colour, Scarlet Tanagers are seldom seen, thanks to their predilection for staying high in dense forest canopies. So to have really good unobstructed views of at least two males browsing a mere twenty to thirty feet from the ground was really exciting. I expect it will be years before I get such good views again. Not to mention that it was right outside our home.


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  1. fustianist says:

    I’m getting used to these Sydney romps around home. It’s not a stroll on the lawn, by the way: brambles, bogs, and thorny wild roses ensure that you keep an eye on the ground while scanning the trees for birds. I’m learning to put on real shoes and a hoodie when we make these expeditions. Sarah, Lisa, you’ll be proud at the comfort level Sydney’s dragging me down into!

    But he forgot the coolest part: just after we came home, I saw something that looked like a large bee fly sideways (sorry, that’s what it looked like) past our wall of windows. Thankfully he did it again a few minutes later, so that we could see he was a beautiful hummingbird, not a bee!


  2. Lisa says:

    This is completely off-topic, but every time I see that subject heading, I misread it as “Teenagers!” and then have a humorous vision of Sydney standing on the front lawn waving a cane at children. 🙂


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