A ruckus

Sydney’s been having some problems with the bird feeder. Despite the fact that it has a weight-sensitive bar, supposedly so that squirrels can’t get at what light little birds can, the squirrels have been into the feed. So Sydney’s taped the top, and when he came out in the morning to see the feeder twisted around and food all over the ground, he taped the feeder to the tree. Still there are problems. So he’s been bringing the feeder to the front steps at night, with the idea that he will only set out the feeder when it’s daylight and we’ll be around to catch the thieving squirrels.


Just before 5am, he woke up and called me to look at the visitors on our front steps. The squirrels weren’t at the feeder, but the raccoons were! Two round and fuzzy raccoons didn’t stop eating because we were there, even when we turned on the lights. One even hissed at Sydney when he began to open the door!

Now I can say I’ve had a good look at a raccoon (two feet away!), and though they’re cute, I think they just scream “Trouble!”


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  1. Heidi says:

    my grandpa loves birds too and has been struggling with this same problem. my mom found a ceramic feeder that promised to be squirrel-free and the holes are specially designed… my grandpa set up the feeder on a hanger, about 10 feet away from a large tree.

    my grandpa sent her a photo of a squirrel hanging upside down by one foot, eating out of the feeder. he sat around, waiting to see how he got there. Apparently the squirrel jumped from 10 feet on to the wire stand, and then was hanging upside down.

    he finally decided to just start putting out corn for the squirrels rather than trying to stop them from eating his bird seed.

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