A numbers game

Cornell’s been working through a massive email outage that started on Sunday and has continued, for some, up through today.  The funny thing is, most of the email servers are up and running–and have been for days.  There were three or four, initially, out of ten, that were down at the start.  Then just two were down.  It’s just that everyone I know and talk to seems to have been on the one or two that were giving the IT department fits.  Slowly, ever so slowly, servers and accounts have been made available, but I find myself continually in the group that is still offline.  There are, apparently, 8000 accounts in the server that was presenting the most resistance, with just 3000 of those accounts still unavailable as of yesterday.  Not only were Sydney and I part of those troublesome 3000, but it appears that I’m part of the 600 that remain out of commission as of this morning.  Who knew I was a troublemaker, with stats to prove it?


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