Our housemate, Christi, recently got six chickens, so now this is a house of 3 cats (all confined to the house), 6 chickens (which roam the yard in the day), and 3 people. I am the only one of the house who didn’t grow up with chickens, so it’s been an interesting time around here. I’m disappointed to find they don’t seem to appreciate petting (my cat is much better for that), but I’m having a lot of fun chasing them around the yard. The eggs are, of course, quite welcome. And it’s always interesting hearing a low buuuu-wack! outside your bedroom window. The hens seem to fill their day with frequent muttering; they’re quite the old biddies. They are appropriately named Dorothy, Ethel, Ruth, Gladys, Martha, and Clara.


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2 Responses to Bwack!

  1. Lisa says:

    Now the important question: can you tell them apart yet? 😉

  2. fustianist says:

    Ruth is apparently already nailed down. She’s the queen bee. Ethel is the second-in-command. But we’re waiting for the others to get used to the surroundings and get more of their feathers in and then we’ll try to get them figured out. Christi and I already talk to them and call them names (this despite Sydney’s rolling of eyes), so it won’t be long before they have whole personality profiles ascribed to them 🙂


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