“Spring” Break

This past week was our spring break.  As in, a week when neither Sydney nor I had teaching responsibilities, and the kids were in school.  We were running hard in February, so we’ve been looking forward to this time!

Well, on Monday we got a hefty dose of wet, heavy snow.  Those of you who get real snow just have to bear with me, because Kentucky does not get this kind of thing very often.  The kids were out of school for two days, cutting out a big chunk of our quiet time.  Although they had to do snow-day worksheets, we did still get out for some lovely walks in the snow.

The snow was heavy enough to bring down branches and even whole trees all over town.  When I did get to the office, I heard chainsaws most of the rest of the week.  Our cats, however, loved having us home for more days than usual.


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