This evening I took the kids to a new playground (the fourth we’ve found here in town), and I realized that Katherine has done some maturing while I wasn’t paying attention.  Even in Oxford this past spring she was staring intently at older girls on swing sets, and now there’s a swing set at her preschool on which she can practice.  Today I realized that not only can she pump her legs and keep my pushes going, but she can actually climb up on her own, take off, and swing high without any help from me.  She has such a look of glee on her face when she does this, her skinny little arms gripping tight and her legs stretched out full-length–they all just make me sigh and smile.  When she sets her mind to something, she’s a force to behold, and apparently mastering the swing was on her list!

Nathaniel, meanwhile, has been developing his conversation skills.  He’s usually up quite a bit before Katherine, and he uses this time to get in a few extra cuddles and keep up a constant patter of conversation with his groggy parents.  This is early enough for Sydney to be somewhat uncommunicative, so it’s amusing to hear Nathaniel chatter on with only the occasional low rumble from Sydney.  Nathaniel likes to comment on other people and sounds.  I got a whole lecture today on why the girl at school was upset today, comments like “I don’t think she should have done that; I don’t like the girl crying,” and his recommendation to her to stop crying so she could go play again.  He also mutters on to himself for quite a long time when Katherine’s getting into trouble.  Apparently all of our parental talking and teaching in times of tantrum and upset, as we try to guide them to better behavior, is rubbing off.  It’s just funny to hear it coming from a tantrum-inclined two-year-old.


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