Celebrate. Fret. Repeat.

I’ve been working pretty hard recently to compile a reading list in preparation for my exams in the spring.  I’ve emailed my advisor various versions of lists and spent quite a bit of time pouring over journals to see what works pop up repeatedly as influential pieces in my field.  Basically, I asked one of my professors to let me do an annotated bibliography for one section of my exam, so that I could just spend a lot of time reading and educating myself about the “Modernism” that is my area of specialty.  Thankfully, he agreed to my plan, and last night he sent me an email saying he liked my list.  I did a little victory dance in my living room, much to Sydney’s bemusement and the cat’s alarm.  So nice to have things coming together!
But now that I’m looking at it in daylight, that’s a looooot of work that I’ve just cut out for myself.  As usual, I added everything that looked interesting, and now I’m thinking that maybe it should be a life list, rather than a fall and spring reading list.  Ah, well, I still think it was a step forward!


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