Bird(song) food

Last week we finally (if a bit reluctantly) surrendered the spoon to Katherine while we all eat breakfast.  She has since done a very good job of feeding herself, with a minimum of mess–helped by the fact that our muesli is very sticky.  Yes, I know, she probably could have used a spoon earlier, but we already had too many problems playing tug-of-war with her over food and utensils.  She is very happy with her new role, and that frees us up to try new things on Nathaniel.  He fluctuates in his preferences for either milk or solids, but he makes his preferences known when we try something on him.  Pureed carrots are a hit, as is yogurt, but things with too much texture definitely get some interesting facial reactions.

This afternoon Katherine and I made pumpkin scones, using this recipe (yes, Laura, the one you were swooning over the other day).  The scones are to die for, though I need to find a good butter substitute (applesauce is not an English thing).  Pumpkin, raisins, and pecans: what’s not to like?  I let Katherine eat a few of the pecans, under supervision; thus far we’ve been reluctant to give her whole nuts, since she tends to swallow all food like it’s yogurt.  She chewed the pecans carefully and is now an enthusiastic fan.  I also explained to her that pecans are Grandpa Birdsong’s favorite food (setting aside cinnamon rolls, since she’ll probably discover those on her own some day), and she is now the third generation of Birdsong pecan lovers.  She seemed to take on the role with relish.


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  1. Laura Peifer says:

    Ooooh, I’m glad they’re as yummy as they look! I need to make those soon!

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