To the Engineer . . .

who designed the child lock on my new washing machine:

– Yes, setting the lock means that my child cannot change the program by pushing the buttons.  Congratulations.  However:

– By making the display flash when the child lock is on you simply make the display more alluring to small children.

– By making the machine beep every time the dial is turned (with the child lock on) you render children’s actions both harmless to the machine and devilishly annoying to the surrounding adults.  Remember that this is a compact machine, designed for small houses and apartments.  There is nowhere to escape the beeping!

– By making the child lock electronic, rather than mechanical, you leave the machine exposed to child manipulation when the machine is not in use and turned off.  My daughter can simply walk up to it and push the shiny “Start” button to great effect unless I unplug the thing every time it’s not in use.

Is that really the best you could do?


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