I can’t believe we were having this conversation

When looking for places to stay for a short while in Oxford:

“Oh wow.  This place has that old-fashioned electricity system . . . [and after a blank look from me] . . . where you feed coins into the meter.”

[At my look of horror]: “This is your chance to get a bargain!” [a low blow, since he knows I’m cheap when it comes to hotels]

After a few emphatic headshakes he gave up.  Maybe it’s time he starts laundering Katherine’s diapers every other day.  Clearly we need to get our priorities in sync.


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2 Responses to I can’t believe we were having this conversation

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Too funny -:)

  2. Your manwhore of a brother says:

    I worry about you sometimes…

    Coins? Really? Where’s the butter churner? Are you, Mary and Sarah going to set off for the Oregon Trail soon?

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