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Earlier this week I lost of bunch of files that I was working on, thanks to Windows not being able to keep track of them in its directory. I suppose it could have been much worse, i.e., I could have had the hard drive fail and lose all my stuff, but, given, my the nature of my affective states towards Microsoft, I found it particularly galling that I should lose files merely because Windows couldn’t keep it’s directory information in order. After all, the files were still there. I just couldn’t get to them.

Anyway, as a result I became even more paranoid about backing up data, so I’ve spent a good part of this week on such matters. Some of my files are now automatically backed up to an online site. Some files, e.g. the 1.4 gigabytes worth of downloads from Google’s scans of Suarez’s Opera omnia, have been burned to DVD. I also bought two flash drives. One is for the standard purpose of serving as a convenient place to copy regularly edited files to. The other one is to serve a somewhat more exotic purpose: to hold an additional operating system. I installed Knoppix — a flavour of Linux — to it. I also put an emulator on it so that I can run Knoppix on top of other operating systems.

So, I am now using Erin’s laptop which still has that execrable Windows on it, but am typing this post from within Knoppix running off of the flash drive. I find all of this quite delightful. I even have my four workplaces again. For those of you who don’t know what that last sentence was about, perhaps the next time you need an operating system, you should educate yourself about the options rather than just assuming that the thing to do is to join the Windows lemmings.


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    …does this mean you won’t help me with my/our computer(s)because Windows is all I know (hence am a lemming) and can barely function within???

    …very much enjoy your pictures, by the way…

  2. fustianist says:

    Oh, no, I’m happy to mess around with Windows. I just don’t want to ever be caught running it. And I recommend that other people also investigate other options.

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