Could be a long, soup-filled week . . .

This past week I’ve been really impressed with how much cooking I’ve done and how much good food I’ve been eating.  Maybe it’s the effect of having eaten only bread-fruit-cheese meals in England, but before classes started I made a big casserole, a sweet-potato soup, and a big batch of chicken salad with almonds and grapes to take for lunches.  That has served me well!  Despite the frenzy of my first days back, teaching, and in classes, I’ve been eating really good and regular meals, in addition to the oranges and apples that seem to tolerate being squished in a school bag.  I’m one of those who will make a big meal and then lose my appetite for it somewhere between kitchen and dinner table, so I’ve been very, very glad that all has gone well there.

Just one problem: the soup that I made somehow didn’t quite turn out as planned.  Rather than sweet potato and ginger, all I could taste was celery and water.  Blech.  I finally had time today to try to put it to rights, and I think I may have saved it, but it’s now twice the size of the soup I made on Sunday.  And I said I saved it–I didn’t say I made it fantastic, a soup that I would love to eat, day-in and day-out, for a long time, which is, apparently, what I will need to do.  So after such a good food run last week I’m afraid I’m looking at a solid week of determined soup-eating.

Oh yes, and to make matters worse, I’m having to record what I eat for my meeting with a nutritionist (my doctor was hoping she’d have some ideas about my recent stomach ailments).  Last time I went in she looked at my dutiful records and in her write-up noted that I ate basically cereal.  Okay, cereal for breakfast, yes, but there was also a week-long period where I ate u-pick strawberries at every meal!  I can only imagine what she’ll write when she sees “soup” down for two weeks straight!


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