An ode to the scarf

While I was in England, the temperature stayed in the low forties most of the time, meaning that I, who had packed light sweaters and a heavy overcoat, spent most of my time walking briskly and being overheated.  I was not happy about that.  No need to tell me that I could walk more slowly–Sydney already made such a futile endeavor.  So I’m glad to be back in the land of real cold.  Thus, the ode to the scarf:

It was five degrees when I walked across campus this morning, so the scarf was around my hair and over my ears, keeping me from frostbite and making me feel like a movie star attempting disguise (which is quite funny, given that I live in “rural” Ithaca).  Later this morning the scarf will be wrapped around my person, making up for the slight damp and draft of my office.  And even later this morning the scarf will be draped around my shoulders, lending pretty gold and cobalt to my otherwise black-and-gray attire and cluing my students in to the fact that I’m the lady with the syllabi and the grades.  Yes, I really do rely on a scarf to separate “teacher” from “students,” but as it seems to work, I won’t complain!


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2 Responses to An ode to the scarf

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    On a different take on a scarf…it was cold in Iowa today too, and snowed – and snowed – and snowed. My other half and I blew/shoveled/swept snow so that when the workday arrives all too early tomorrow, we will have only 3″ or so to remove vs. 6″. I too wore a scarf – around my head, my face, and mouth. Working in the cold makes my nose run. There is no way my scarf can play all those roles. It’s now disgusting and nasty and in the wash! How do you manage such glamor, Ms. Penner?

  2. fustianist says:

    Hehe, well, I have a very different scarf that I wear when I take winter morning walks outside (regular washings for that one). This one had a range of purposes–but not THAT many! But when I shovel I just wear pajamas, a jacket, gloves, and a bad temper to get me through the shoveling of the bottom of our driveway, which is truly a cruel thing to confront on a cold morning. Maybe you’ll get a taste of it yourself when you come to visit in a few weeks, Mom! And just think, I have no intentions of ever being anywhere that doesn’t get a lot of snow, so you may see a lot of it for the rest of your life!


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