Nice people

Our housemate’s mom called me this afternoon (she lives across town) to make sure I made it in safely, and to see how my cat responded to having someone home again.  And when I was in the grocery store, I ran into a friend from church (Joanna) who said she’d have to have me over for dinner and offer some company.  Everyone I know has been really sweet about trying to make sure I’m not lonely while Sydney’s gone.  This also, somehow, seems to involve food, as if I left behind my cook in England, as well as my husband (yes, yes, I know, they’re just acknowledging that it’s less fun to cook for one, but the association is still funny to me).  Apparently Sydney got similar concerns about feeding himself when I was gone in June 🙂

There is something a bit eerie about the whole thing, though, as if, instead of being deprived of Sydney’s company for two months, the bereavement is a permanent one.  The same words get used in both cases.  On  the other hand, yesterday I just caught myself before I said, “Yeah, I just left my husband in England.”  That’s a very different thing!


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