A real head-turner

Each day on our way to school Sydney and I drive by a horse research facility.  Facing the road is a small paddock where we see a horse any time we pass during business hours.  One day the horse was small, with black mane and tail and brown-velvet fur.  It was a real cutie.  Another time we saw a large white horse with black patches and poufy (sorry, I don’t know horse terms for this) white mane, tail, and leggings.  If you pass it at the wrong angle it takes an extra second to reconfigure what you see into a recognizable animal.  And at other times there are penny-colored, chestnut, and chocolate-silk horses that tower over our little car.

Sometimes I wonder if they put the horses there just to remind us, “Hey, idiot, stop complaining about your work load and pay attention to this!”  Kind of a local reality-check and reminder-of-beauty.

Sydney says he thinks it’s a breeding pen.  Oh, that too.


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