An activity so much more enjoyable for the back than strawberry-picking.  Finally, I’m no longer having to envy the five-year-olds for their proximity to the ground (and thus to the berries).

It was pretty amusing hearing family members holler across the field “Come over here!  These are good and [red, black, big, small, whatever attribute this particular person thought was ideal for cherries]!”  Ditto for parents giving their kids instructions on the right kind of cherries to pick.  Funny, if you compiled the comments, there seemed to be a great deal of disagreement about what kinds of things one ought to look for in cherries.  But I guess that meant that each person found his tree with a minimum of stepping on others’ toes, and all left the field satisfied with their pickings.


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  1. Kris says:

    I LOVE cherries!!!

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