Organizing kick

Man, I’ve got it bad.  In what I hope will be my last spring battling spring fever while trying to write papers, all I want to do is get out!  Garden, even organize my kitchen, just something that requires a very different attention than that required to write my term papers.  I will be so happy never to have to spend my May writing papers again.  I will do everything possible to make sure that absolutely no writing is required during this time of year.  It was a boon having such a looooooong winter, as it stretched out my academic self for a longer span than usual.  But now that spring is here, I want to do anything and everything else.

You can imagine that Sydney is absolutely no help in getting me to settle down.  Off birdwatching and gardening, anything but writing his papers, as well!  And when he’s gone, of course, I get a strong craving to organize everything I can.  You couldn’t tell by walking into our house, as I’m not allowed to touch his paper stacks (which now cover almost every surface of the house), but open any cupboard and you’ll see my handiwork!

Off to read an article, organize the kitchen, read an article, organize the bathroom . . .


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