Per Heidi’s comment . . .

She gave me a call to tell me she’s getting married next year! I know she and Mark have thought about this for awhile, but I haven’t allowed myself to think along those lines until given permission, so I’m surprised and really excited 🙂

For those of you wondering who, what, and why, Heidi became my best friend in 5th grade and stayed that way until she sent me off to college. If you ever need dirt on me (nothing scandalous, but she may have a story or two about me saying or looking stupid), she’s the one to get it from. More to the point, however, she is six months (and two weeks) older than I am, so she was the first of us to get her license, turn 18, 21, etc. When Heidi gets married then it will become something that a tiny part of me will see as a possibility for me, too.  She gets her license, I get my license; she gets married, then I can be married. I’m glad she didn’t keep me waiting too long in my space of uncertainty before helping me to realign myself to Heidi reality!

Very excited!  Best wishes, Heid!

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