Addition and Subtractions

Although I had really been enjoying Domino’s company over the past few weeks, we wondered if he would ever leave cuddles for play and exercise.  So, we visited a local shelter and found him a playmate: Woodsmoke.  Although Woodsmoke (born under a woodpile, and, yes, the color of smoke) is only a month older than Domino, he looks like he’s going to be a big cat.  He’s still a bit skittish, but he enjoys vigorous rub-downs when you do catch him and plant him in your lap.  I’m a bit worried that I’m going to want to abandon work entirely in the evenings, since he really likes to have your full attention.  The kids, meanwhile, wonder at the kittens’ play, since it looks like just the sort of thing that I would get on my kids’ case for doing if they tried it . . .

In other news, Katherine recently came to me with a complaint: her tooth was loose.  I knew that we were deep into kindergarten territory with her, but this one caught me by surprise.  Losing teeth already?  I still have vivid memories of the sleepless nights we spent with her when she was first getting those teeth!  We didn’t have a tooth fairy visit, but she’s already figured out that this is a new right of passage, and she’s quite proud even without fairy dust.


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