Upon waking up in the morning, immediately after he wakes up from his afternoon nap, and any other time he happens to think of it throughout the course of the day, Nathaniel asks to be taken “out.”  He becomes ecstatic if he sees us reaching for his jacket, and he has, several times now, pushed a chair over to try to get it off the hook himself.  It’s all about “out” now, which is good in that he’s picked the right time of year for this fixation, but perhaps a bit unhelpful now that England’s finally getting a break from our drought conditions with a week of rain.  I had the pleasure of taking them out this morning, and my jacket shed about a quart of water in the bathtub upon our return.  Katherine is also eager to go out, so we’ve abandoned most of our toys and books and tend to go outside every chance we get.  Today Katherine walked a mile or two with me around the parks and over to the farms where she gets a glimpse of cows and horses.  She has also been trying out a new scooter (which I love, since it means exercise for her and a faster pace for me), but has been a bit under-the-weather recently, so it’s mostly walking for now.  Nathaniel, on the other hand, loves to run through the grass (so that’s why they have sports grounds in the middle of the parks!  for my little running man!) after his sister (who obliges by squealing and running away), try picking flowers, and even just riding along in the stroller.  He just wants to be outside, in one form or another.


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