Already improved

A better night of sleep (thank you, Nathaniel!) and the start of a new week have already helped matters.  There are three kinds of hummus in our fridge (chipotle, kale-chipotle, and beet, thanks to Sydney), several kinds of cheese, and I have cute squash ready for roasting (since Nathaniel is currently eating something like 1/2C-1C of pureed squash each day).

Plus, the kids are just really cute.

(photo courtesy of Christi, who remembered to bring her camera along when we went outside)

Now, off to start dissertation revisions.  I have about two weeks before Sydney leaves for a week-long spate of conferences, and I’ll need to get my dissertation submitted by then if I want to graduate in January.  Which I do.  Besides, the sooner I get these revisions in, the sooner I can start some of the reading I want to do for “the book.”  Like most academics, I’m much keener on the prospect of reading than I am of writing, so I’m using the pile of books as a carrot to propel me through this earlier mess.


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    The Iowa gran-grans love this picture…makes us want to scoop her up and give her a kiss!

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