Small Lessons

Katherine’s been quite eager to help Nathaniel “play,” though her generosity is creating some problems.  When he latches onto one toy she often tears it away, replacing it with a new one.  After about the third or fourth attempt to hang onto a toy Nathaniel begins to cry, apparently not appreciating her attempts to give him novelty.

We’ve also had to keep her from offering him small bits of food.  She has been fascinated with the recent introduction of a baby bottle, since then she can actually see the “muck” go down (thankfully, Nathaniel has taken to it like a pro).

“Katherine, what can the baby eat?  Can the baby eat carrots?”


“Can he eat apple?”


“Can he eat bread?”


“What can the baby eat, Katherine?”


That was a bit of a surprise, though I suppose he has been going at his giraffe chew toy pretty often recently . . .


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  1. Jenny says:

    Wow, I’d never heard of anyone eating giraffe before… 🙂

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