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Sydney has safely arrived in Nova Scotia, no longer gallivanting about the continent.  He is also getting a first look at the cabin where we’ll be staying for the next couple of months.  He warned me that childproofing could be interesting, and he mentioned something about a bearskin rug.  We’ll see what Katherine makes of that!

As he settles in, I’m about to take off.  I’m flying to Portland tomorrow for a conference, leaving Katherine with Mom and Dad.  I am hoping that she and I will be just fine apart, and I didn’t book horrifically early flights just to get me back as soon as possible.  Assuming I don’t melt into a puddle, I’ll present a paper on Woolf, atheism, and Romantic poetry, and use the evenings to meet up with my friends Steph and Jamie.  And I’ll check out West-Coast weather, which is about 20 degrees cooler than here.  I’m not looking forward to yet another time-zone change, but everything else should be great.


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