Bits and Pieces

Today we picked 25 pounds of blueberries, 20 of which went in the freezer this afternoon.  We look forward to using the other five pounds for a dinner with friends tomorrow and for fresh eating every time we think about it.  Having missed strawberry season, I wasn’t about to miss the blueberries, too!  Sydney did the lion’s share of the picking, while I picked from the top of the plants and rocked Katherine to sleep in the backpack.

* * *

This is the last week of Sydney’s summer pedagogy course.  Since it is, as a friend of mine would call it, a major time-suck, we’re very glad to put that behind us.

* * *

A week from tomorrow, Katherine and I will leave on an early-morning flight to Iowa, where we’ll spend a week with my parents.  They haven’t seen her since she was two weeks old and are clamoring for more granddaughter time.  I plan to attach a small backpack to the baby backpack, tuck Katherine in the pack, and book it through Detroit’s airport to catch my second flight.  I hope I can move faster than the turtle that I will resemble!

* * *

Friday night, after coming home from an evening with friends, I thought I would “quickly whip up a loaf of banana bread” while Sydney played with Katherine.  Well, nights are apparently not my best time: I tried blending my finger with my immersion blender and ended up making a late-night trip to the hospital.  My finger should be fine, though I can’t be sure that any of the hospital staff were paying enough attention to me to have given me a thorough diagnosis; Cutie Katherine was quite a distraction!

* * *

This week marks the end of July and the beginning of August.  Although it is my birthday month and I love it dearly, it marks the stirrings of the beast: school is about to begin, and in earnest.  We’re coming to an end of the time given us to adjust to life with Katherine, and we’re about to begin a very busy semester.  We’re both teaching classes of our own design, we both have to work up dissertations, and we’re both going on the job market.  Not to mention the sizable task of becoming decent parents for Katherine.  Deep breath, and here we go!


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2 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    The Iowa Grandpa could keep her for a few weeks as you get back in the swing of things:):) She could go along on his ‘play’ dates to the library, his coffee group, the occasional golf game, work in the garage together, play guitar, yard work etc., etc. Or he could take her for stroller rides and bring out the whole neighborhood to see her!

  2. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    Yay–so glad you got your blueberries!! Hope you’re able to find more time to work before the Iowa trip!

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