new dishwashing method

Forget chairs. This anecdote is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while (from here):

My college chemistry professor, of national renown in organic chemistry, told the following story on himself. One summer, the professors’ wives left on an extended vacation together. In their absence, the stay-behind husbands would share cooking duties at one house. After dinner the first night, no one wanted to wash the dishes. The microbiologist came up with a solution. He said that if they just piled the dirty dishes in the sink, filled it with water, and left them for a week or two, the bacteria would clean the dishes for them. When the bacteria were done, they would die. The men could then drain the sink and use the dishes again. The men could go to another house the next night, and so forth. My professor said they did that the whole summer and no one got sick.

That’s even better than using the farm pressure washer.


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