Major breakthrough: we’ve turned the oven on

After two months of no cooking in our house, we finally got back to it in the past few days.  One of us mentioned a recipe for an apple-onion-cheese pizza, and then we got to it before the idea had time to fade (or before I thought of it enough to turn my stomach).  It was delicious!  Last night we had a couple over for dinner, so we knew we had to cook.  But in addition to our tried-and-true potato-leek casserole, I made a spice bread with raisins and carrots and we made a roasted-butternut-squash soup.  Because really, it’s not about making enough food to feed four people.  It’s about making enough to leave the hosts with delicious leftovers they can take for lunches all the next week!

I’m relieved that I still know how to cook and that I still enjoy it.  I’ve been pretty unhappy with not having the energy to do anything I normally do (other than sleep).  But last week I had some academic work go through, this week I got in some cooking, and next week I’m hoping for more exercise and possibly a hike.  I can have it all in turn, apparently, if not all at once.


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