Another one bites the dust . . .

Another high school friend of mine is getting married.  Not just a classmate, but a good friend who was part of the lunchtable group from middle school on out.  That makes three of us out of eight or so.  I think it’s official: that season of life has begun in earnest.

In some ways, it seems like it’s the second time around for the wedding season.  That is, of course, only because I watched many of Sydney’s friends go through it first.  Within two weeks of our engagement I attended two Sydney’s-friend weddings, and I realized he was actually lagging behind the rest of his group.  Sydney?  Slow?  You betcha.  But my friends were astonished that I was getting married, since I was on the early side of things for that group.  You have to remember that Sydney and I are six years apart in age.

It makes for an interesting situation every now and then, as when I realized I was mailing off four baby gifts and three wedding presents this past summer (the former to his friends, the latter to my friends).  Sometimes I wonder if we’ll always be straddling the waves, of if at some point everyone we know will be at the same spot.  I suppose not: that would take all the fun out of life!


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