No wonder

Growing up with a car-obsessed brother, I got to know my makers and models and the rough cost of the pricey cars he had pictures of around his room.  I’m not sure if that stood me in good stead over the weekend or deepened my disgust when I walked through a small parking lot filled with student cars and saw perfect examples from his boyhood list.  Lots of BMWs, Audis, and Lexus, nearly all of which were SUVs.  And not old junkers inherited from their parents, either; these cars were as newly-minted as the driver’s-licenses of their owners.  No wonder these kids scoff at their instructors: we know and they know that you can’t support a Lexus habit on a teacher’s salary.

Pricey needn’t stop there: Sydney saw a guy driving a Lamborghini through campus the other day . . .


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