The weekend assortment

Sydney’s off to another conference this weekend (this one closer, shorter, and just for fun), so I’m on my own.

Last night we watched two episodes of “Blue Planet” and shelled pinto beans.  Who says you can’t farm by sitting on the couch?

I love my students.  Really I do.  But students en masse can be outrageously frustrating.  When they learn to pay attention to other people on the sidewalk, not block the way by walking in slow-moving groups, and not zig-zag because they happen to be talking to or texting someone in California, I will be a happier woman.  I have always been a brisk walker, so you can imagine my frustration with the current scene.  I need to start giving Sydney piggy-back rides to the car so that I don’t feel the need to walk faster than the current flow (which is, I have to say, a snail’s pace).

After a few weeks of feeling like my work ground to a halt, I emailed my advisor this morning with a copy of my revised prospectus, the abstract of a paper I had accepted to a conference, and notice of another paper I’m presenting at the grad student workshop here.  By the end of it, I was feeling quite chipper; who knew writing your advisor could be such an upper?  By the way, Lisa E., the conference is in Boston next March–I’m coming your way!

The cat and I will enjoy some quiet time at home, and tomorrow morning I’m going to take advantage of the cool, beautiful, dry fall weather to take a walk or hike.  I’m determined not to miss fall this year just because I have my nose buried in a book!


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3 Responses to The weekend assortment

  1. rebekahandjared says:

    Erin, I can identify with your frustrations at oblivious, slow-moving students…especially in groups. They seem to have fully espoused the belief that the journey is more important than the destination–or at least that *their* journey is much more important than anyone else’s destination.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yay for visits to Boston! When are you coming? Do you need somewhere to stay? Let me know. *hugs*


  3. fustianist says:

    It’s the last weekend in February. And I might be very happy for a place to stay–and some advice about navigating BU’s campus 🙂 If I get a travel grant, though, I might be able to put up in the conference hotel, which could be cool. I’m going to see if I could bribe Sydney to drive me with the promise of visiting the arboretum/botanical garden scene. Will definitely keep you informed of my plans!


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