The sweet, sleepy things of life

Many good things in life seem designed to make you sleepy. A good, full cup of tea that you can feel creeping down and warming your stomach. A cat who has finally settled in on your lap and warms away as you read. The full-on sunshine of summer. Even reading. When Sydney and I started dating, his very presence made me sleepy. Poor man, he frequently looked up from reading only to realize his “study partner” had curled into a sleepy ball near him. And the effect hasn’t worn off with time.Don’t get me wrong, I love the energetic things in life: the adrenaline of a great teaching day, or any sports game with well-matched rivals. But there is something really appealing about the sweet things of life that lull one into such trusting relaxation.

That is to say, you can guess that a full afternoon and evening of reading under a down blanket at home with Sydney beside me and a cup or two of tea included a healthy dose of sleeping with all of that reading.


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