Just for the record, I’m not old

But I had a funny moment on Thursday, which happened to be my birthday as well as the start of the new semester.  I walked into the 9:00 French class I’ll be taking every day this semester and sat down.  Yes, I’m taking a class with students who are of the same age I normally teach.  Apparently I registered this fact on my person somehow, whether it was the bloom of the new year that I showed in my complexion, or something that cried “wisdom and experience” in my countenance.  Or maybe I just looked appropriately cranky.  At any rate, the student who entered the room next made a beeline for me as soon as he entered and asked if I were the teacher.  So much for hiding out among the natives . . .


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3 Responses to Just for the record, I’m not old

  1. Heidi says:

    I took a low level undergrad class last year and I felt SO OLD! Kathryn and I counted the number of brunettes… there were only 3. The rest were all blond, wore PINK sweat pants, and ugg boots all semester long. I showed up one day in a suit and they all stared at me like, “ew, a suit? its not even cute, its just black…”

    It was a *really* weird experience… but kind of amusing 🙂

  2. Mother of the bride says:

    You were a)wearing a skirt b)shoes appropriate to the skirt c)carrying your usual minimalistic 2.1 items and d)in addition to looking cranky, looked organized and authoritative. What do you expect??!!

  3. fustianist says:

    Not true. Black pants (it was cold), sandals, and a huge bag plus computer. But since the instructor was in sandals, jeans, a messy ponytail, and a t-shirt, I’m not sure clothes would be the most useful way to distinguish teacher from student. Ithaca style is really a world unto its own . . .


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