Low’s Lake

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Our camping trip in the Adirondacks went splendidly — much better than we could have expected. I worried that we would have to try canoeing in against headwind. There wasn’t any. I worried that all the campsites would be taken. We found a great one and the neighbouring ones were free as well. I worried that canoeing to Lows Lake in one day would turn out to be a bit much for relatively inexperienced paddlers but we got to our campsite halfway across the lake by around 1pm. And we still had enough energy left over to canoe some more and climb a mountain.

On the Bog River just after starting out:

This is our campsite — or at least the trees in front of it:

Another picture of it from higher up. The campsite is right at the centre of the picture:

Another picture of the lake from the top of Grass Mountain:

A floating island — the light-coloured island in the centre has drifted about a mile east in the last couple of decades:

One of the many loons whose haunting calls echoed across the lake all night:

The sunrise from our campsite:


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  1. Christi says:

    Oh hurrah, I love seeing these photos and hearing that your trip went well! Looks like a lovely spot and great weather. Congratulations on your first camping trip Erin, I’ll make you a merit badge.

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