Great adventures

No, not yet.  Sydney and I are still just roaming around home, reading and cooking and every now and then gardening.  But in less than two weeks we’re going camping in the Adirondacks with our friends Jacob and Kate.  The weekend will include two full days of canoing (Sydney apparently thinks it’s reasonable to expect novice paddlers to cover 15 miles a day, two days in a row) and, if time and energy allow, some hiking and enjoying of nature.  Most exciting for me is the chance to camp for the first time (unless you count the time when my brother and I tried sleeping in a tent next to our house, and I wouldn’t, since that was a bug-filled disaster).  And Sydney’s not breaking me in easy: no established campsite, no running water, no soap allowed, and, needless to say, no outhouse.  We’re going rustic in a big way.


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