Winter has finally arrived

I need an office with a window.

After holing up for several hours in my office, I stepped outside to realize that winter had finally arrived while I was busy being a nerd. Gorgeous! I never knew that a college with 30,000 students could be so quiet. We had a few inches of snow on the ground, more in the air, and all of the trees looked majestic.

But, as I discovered when I nearly fell down the building’s steps, it was outrageously slippery. I had thirty minutes to cross the quad, climb down the slippery gorge steps (some metal, some railroad ties – all bad), cross the slender metal bridge, and drive winding roads down the high hill that is Cornell. Hmmm.

Oh yes, and it both was and is cold: 11 degrees then and in the last few hours it’s dropped down to 3. Yup, you read correctly.

But the real fun began after I came back from my meeting downtown to pick Sydney up. We left the office at 10:30, and spent the next 30 minutes driving down progressively more rural (and snowier) roads. We have the blessing/curse of living halfway up a steep hill. By the end Sydney was driving five miles an hour and was hunkered up behind the steering wheel. My hero.

Now we’re safely at home, and I’m just hoping the roads clear up before tomorrow morning. Both Sydney and I have to teach!


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4 Responses to Winter has finally arrived

  1. fustianist says:

    At least when I’m driving five miles an hour I don’t have to worry about that usual nemesis of Ithaca drivers: deer.
    – Sydney

  2. Lisa says:

    Stay warm! *hugs*

  3. Heidi says:

    I left the law building at midnight tonight… the windchill was approximately -17 today. Just thought I would share that with you!

  4. fustianist says:

    Lol. Gotta love Iowa winters.


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