Southern cooking . . . and that’s just the beginning

Sydney dropped me off at the Ithaca airport this morning at 5 and Mom picked me up in St. Louis at 9:30.  Since then we’ve driven straight south and I’m currently writing from the main library on the Ole Miss campus.  Hot weather, but the campus is beautiful.  Lots of red brick and white columns–and perfectly manicured grounds.  Yeah, I’m going to enjoy being here for a few days.

On our way Mom and I realized we were starved and stopped at a place in southern Missouri for lunch.  Oh.  Myyyy.  It was like a Golden Corral or, if you’re an Iowan, Hickory Park in Ames.  Gigantic barn feel, with wooden seats, gigantic portions, and fried okra.  Here a guy came around tossing dinner rolls to patrons and I saw a stack of ribs that was close to 18 inches across being served to a woman whose eyes widened in shock at the sight.  These people are into serious eating!  Mom and I both got a small collection of vegetable sides and were on our way–after Mom marked the place on the map for the major meat-eaters in the family.

Off to explore a bit more of campus before hitting a grocery store and heading back to the hotel.  This is going to be fun!


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